Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Could Kennedy Be So Faithful to his Country, but so Unfaithful to his Wife?

by Lucy

In the non fiction book Killing Kennedy (written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard about the assassination of JFK) it explains President Kennedy’s faithfulness to his country, but his faithlessness to his wife. This is first explained on page 37 in the quote “which is not to say that John Kennedy limits his sexual relations to the First Lady. While happily married, he is far from monogamous.” On page 82 the Kennedy Monroe affair has been mentioned “The president is entranced by her wit and intellect and would be thrilled to add such a famous sex symbol to his list of conquests.” Page 82 also states when Kennedy invited Monroe to Palm Springs he said, “Jackie won’t be there.”

Although Kennedy had been unfaithful to his wife, he remained faithful to his country. A quote from page 24 explains Kennedy’s faithfulness to the military, “Kennedy, a member of the swim team at Harvard, tows a badly burned crew member by placing a strap from the man’s between his own teeth and pulling him.” Page 86 explains his dedication to the democratic party. “rally that raises more then $1 million for the democratic party.” Finally on page 111 Kennedy’s dedication to his country is shown. “Whatever happens next has nothing to do with being a democrat or republican, and everything to do with what is best for the American people.” 

Although JFK made mistakes in his family and marital life, he was still a devoted president to America and the American people. 

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  1. Because I don't know much about this stuff, I am confused as to how Kennedy was unfaithful to his wife. but overall, this is a great post! good points, good citations!