Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Close Up Reading

by Mandy

Hi everyone,
My name is Mandy and I want to talk to you about a book series called The Christy Miller Collection! If you have ever read the first book of the series which is Summer Promise, that when she meets her future boyfriend he is only fifteen and he can drive, what’s that all about, because in the U.S. you have to be 16 years old to drive and have a license? When I started reading the book I thought so many romantic things were going to happen, but no, nothing happened by sides the fact that he gave her a little kiss goodbye and bought her flowers before she left California on page 179 in the first book which would be the last page of the book!

On Chapter 1 in the next book, A Whisper and A Wish, page 181, Christy goes back to her best friend Paula’s house to see if she was going to visit her in California because she is moving there after staying in California with her Aunt and Uncle for the summer and where she first lived was in Wisconsin, her best friend says of course but Christy realizes while she was in the middle of talking to Paula, she was talking to her other good friend on the phone, which makes me and probably  Christy super angry and shocked that her one and only best friend did that to her, and after she got off the phone her friend tells her she is going to a party that her crush who is 18 years old and how old is she? Oh she’s 14 years old what an age different, like seriously who would want to spend all their time with someone who is 4 years older than you and you don’t even know them that well, I bet Christy feels the same way I do even though she is a fictional character the author Robin Jones Gunn made her a really emotional girl.

You want to know something about Christy she is very aware of what she want’s when she found out in Chapter 13 in the first book after a great day with her real good friend Todd at Disneyland she comes home to her house to find out her aunt asked Todd to take her to Disneyland and gave him money to go with her, she was really mad and through her shoe at him because what she really wanted was for Todd to like her, but she realized that nothing between them that day was real, now isn’t that sad?

If anyone has any comments or can relate please do I will be here to read them!

Thank you everyone,


  1. I'd throw my shoe at an emotional impostor, too.


  2. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but many state allow you to have a "Learner's Permit" at age 15, which lets you drive if you have a licensed adult sitting shotgun!