Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Phrontistery

by KitKat

Okay, so I found this website called The Phrontistery; it’s just one huge compilation of crazy words that people don’t use often, and my goodness are they AWESOME! Who knew that the act of eating while lying down had a name? Well, it does; “accubation”. More? Who knew that there were 81 words to say “nonsense”?

Guys check out this website! Wouldn’t it be great if people talked like this? “Aw man, I’m so farctated; Thanksgiving was killer!” Farctated means to be stuffed (as with food). Did you know that 21st century humans are famous for apocoping (cutting of the last sound of a word)? I’m going to challenge you guys to find a word on this website, and put it in the comments along with the definition.


  1. cachinnate: to laugh loudly and inappropriately

  2. onychotillomania compulsive picking at the fingernails