Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Big Nate

by Johnny Bravo

Nate is a 6th grader who HATES school and his archenemies are 3 people and 1 school. His least favorite teacher is named Mrs. Godfrey which is one of his archenemies (but more like a fat woman with bad breath and is really mean). And this girl in his class named Gina who is a grade grubber and she’s really obnoxious. The next enemy is Jefferson middle school they are obnoxious kids with a snotty rich school. Nate loves to draw comics. He has a crush on this girl named Jenny, but she’s going out with another enemy he thinks is obnoxious (I’ll tell you another one sorry about that), his name is Artur and he thinks he’s really annoying and beats him at a lot of thing. He has 2 friends named Teddy and Francis they are good friends sometimes, but they always make fun of each other and laugh when each other are getting in trouble or can’t do anything right. That’s what usually happens in these books.

How I respond to it is that I really like these books they are good, funny books. They are humorous and comical with lots of words in them. They make me feel happy when I read them. Anyways in one of the books I read Jefferson Middle School gets in a battle with them whether or not they can beat them at a snowman contest at the end of the book (because we all know they ALWAYS win and they want to find their “Achilles heel”). So they win and they’re all so happy, but before that P.S. 38 gets a huge flood by the rain so guess where they have to go to school? Well the answer is JEFFERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL. So I respond by saying well screw that and why don’t they just not go to school until the school is fixed like the kids wanted to and they were fixing it anyways. Anyway before that they just kept getting bullied by them like one of the times when they were sledding with snow tubes and they came over and took their snow tube and they BROKE it. But yeah that’s how the book really is.  

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