Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Close Reading Superheroes

by Lu_Bear16

In English class we talked about how in the 1940s superman would wear bright red, bright blue and bright yellow in his suit and how now a days he wears the same colors but the colors are darker now a days and also the situation that the superhero is going through is darker.

We also talked about how women in the olden days were treated really weak and how they would also need to be saved all the time. We also talked about how they couldn’t fight with the enemy and how they are just standing there looking at the chaos and not doing anything about it because they are supposedly scared so they just wait there to be saved. We also talked about how now day’s heroines are objectified.

It was really interesting to talk and discuss about superheroes and super heroines, because I’ve always been interested in heroes, and I was able to express my opinion and listen to my peer’s opinion about how different heroes and heroines look like now than they did in the 1900s. It was also really awesome to learn about how the superhero stories are different and darker than the stories from the 1900s.

Another thing that I thought that was really interesting about the discussion was to learn how male heroes (e.g. Superman) were portrayed as more powerful than woman and how that has changed throughout the years.

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