Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why do YOU read?

by Rico Dune Bear

Millions of people read everyday, but why? Some people do it for entertainment, others for discussion. Some just for information, or because they have to. Either way everyone has to do it at some point. There are so many reasons particular reasons why we read. I believe each of us have a slightly different reason. I personally read for a few reasons. I read sometimes for humor and entertainment. Other times its to understand an to get more ideals for myself. Others I like the emotions attached to the story, and like to empathize with the text. Overall, I read to understand people better and sympathize with them. I get a connection with the characters in the story. I feel like I get to also understand the writer, too.

But I really want to know why other people read. I know what I get from it, but I don’t know what other people get from text. Guessing by how everyone thinks in different ways, I bet that means people read, understand, and like text differently, too. Which also probably explains why some people hate reading. They just don’t think in way that makes text appetizing. So help me gather why people read, by replying with why you read. I hope to gather a lot of different viewpoints.


  1. Many people read as a form of escapism. It's why we like superhero movies, movies in which the underdog prevails, or even movies in which some ridiculously improbable romance that almost certainly never occurs in real life takes place. It's because at some point, subconsciously, we wish our lives were like that. The latter applying mostly to feminine girls. Romance is illogical.
    Others read for knowledge. I, for one, appreciate science fiction books, because it makes me feel smart since I understand what I'm reading and I get to level up in science nerdiness.

  2. I read for something to do and to improve my vocabulary #notsoblondeanymore

  3. Reading is my life. I used to be incredible depressed, shy, self-conscious, and scared. the only way that I was able to cope was to read. I learned about morals and ethics from characters in books, and the fact that they would never give up made me keep going. Books changed my life.