Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Comic Storytelling

by Fang Terror

Story telling is an essential part of comics. I’m Fang Terror, the creator of a comic called Hedgy and Nathan. We’ve all probably read comics of some sort, but did you know EVERY comic ha a story. No matter how you make it, there will always be a story somewhere in it. How about I discuss how to make a comic. I will start at the basics.  How about Panels. The Panels are the shapes around the drawings in a comic. I know this may seem like, just part of the drawing, but it also has a far more important reason. Panels also separate each scene from each other. Think about this; you have a, say, hedgehog flying around a knight. Without panels, the only way to show it is moving is to make multiple hedgehogs. But if you do that, people will get confused. I mean, why would there be five or so hedgehogs when there’s only need for one? To fix that problem, add panels my friend. Panels separate each situation from each other and create a  problem. Now, let’s move on to Characters. Characters are pretty self-explanatory, but they are one of the most vital parts of comics. Speech bubbles. Those enclose what they people are saying and organize what goes where and who says what in what order. Drawing style comes up next. Drawing style is important because it makes your drawing unique from anyone else. I will explain story telling for comics later. You can make it one panel, yet there will still be a story. You can change the topic every time you draw a comic, and yet, once again there will be a story. For example, it can be as easy to know the story of the comic as a Super Hero comics (IE.) Spider Man, where it will be him trying to stop the green goblin or even as vague of a story as a Pearls before Swine TM comic, where Pig is talking to rat. In the first story it is simple to point it out.  Spiderman Verses the Green Goblin. However, in the pearls before swine comic, it is harder to point it out. The key is what they’re saying. I’m sure you can identify it from there. An example of a comic with a good story line can be Calvin and Hobbes. The storyline is about a kid who has a stuffed tiger who is alive, but only when nobody but Calvin is around. Try finding a story with any comic. All tell you more on this topic later. Happy story hunting!

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  1. Okay, I'm really like graphic novels and manga so I am SOOOOO into this topic. I want to draw one, one day!
    P.S. To all blog readers: There will be an upcoming blog post by me about graphic novels coming up soon! Keep reading, blog readers!