Monday, October 6, 2014

Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog

by Emma
Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog by Mark Twain was very interesting. It starts off with a man, whose name you never find out, complaining to a friend in a letter. He humorously describes the events that happen when he goes to Simon Wheeler’s house to ask about Leonidas W. Smiley. When the man inquires about Leonidas, Simon immediately is reminded of Jim Smiley and begins to regale the man with stories of Jim. Jim is best known for gambling, it is said that he would go so far as to bet on which pigeon would fly away first. One time Jim trained a frog, he trained this frog to jump far and high. He sat by a pond for three months nudging the frog to jump higher and higher until he knew that the frog could out jump any other. Jim won bet after bet after bet on his frog it truly was the best jumping frog. One day a stranger saw Jim and his frog, who is kept in a lattice box, and inquired as to what was inside. Jim replied saying that his frog can out jump any other frog the man was intrigued saying that he would take him up on his bet if only he had a frog. At hearing this Jim promptly left the frog in the strangers care and went off to find another frog. While Jim was doing this, the stranger took out Jim’s frog and filled him up with quail shot. When Jim returned with the other frog the set them both down to race, but when Jim nudged his frog he couldn’t move while the other frog leaped away. Jim handed over the money, and just when the stranger was about to leave Jim’s frog coughed up two quail-shots. At this Jim raced off to catch the stranger but never succeeded. 


  1. I feel bad for Jim and his frog because the stranger took the frog @ the end which is not cool man, not cool, but the rest of blog was very interesting!

    P.S. I luv froggies

  2. I think that your blog is great because I luv frogs but I hate people who hurt frogs and any other animals, I really do feel bad for the hurt frog and broken heart Jim trying to catch the stranger but couldn't catch him or her in time, so sad

    P.S." The success you crave may not be available, but when it's the last thing on your mind it's open to take when actually needed!"

  3. Um you told me all about what happened but I don't know how you feel about it or what it means or what themes to pull from the narrative!!

    What does it all mean? Are we all the frog?? Are we all the quailshot??? OR DOES IT ALL MEAN NOTHING

    Is life a series of frog-jumping shenanigans???? Why must we be trained to leap so high only to be weighed down????? WHAT DOES IT MEAN

  4. the moral: don't leave your frog with a stranger. DUR-DA-DUUUUUR!