Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The importance of a good storyline

by Con-man

It is important to have a good storyline because it will do a lot of things for a story. The complexity of a storyline plays a large roll in having a good storyline. Obviously, there is the fact that there will be people who aren’t in to hard core murder novels, (Such as myself) but if a book doesn’t have a storyline that is too complex, or not complex enough, that storyline won’t be that interesting.

Relatable characters and character development is important because if a person can relate to what a character is going through, they will be more interested in the story. In Hamlet, the main characters of the story are relatable.

A book series that has all of this is the Pearl Wars series. I have read this series once last year, and the complexity of it was good for a person like me. Looking back on it, I found that there where relatable characters throughout the book and there was a good amount of character development throughout all three books, but now, I feel like the storyline was weak. I could compare this series to the Artemis Fowl series and I would say that it has a more complex storyline, more character development (that’s probably because there’s 8 books in the series instead of 3), and aside from the fact that I had a harder time following the storyline in the last two books of the series, I could still follow it as well as I could follow the storyline of the Pearl Wars series.

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