Tuesday, October 7, 2014

by da Jestr 

Sup bors, I’m da Jestr and I’m here to show you peeps my blog post.  My blog post is about the series by James Patterson: Maximum Ride.

Well bors, I hope you like it…

Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel never wanted to be genetic freaks… they were made that way.

Their special genetically enhanced bodies have bird wings and they can fly.  

Jeb Bachelor, the flock’s so-called ‘dad’, kidnaps them from Itex.

They refer to Itex as the School and Itex makes genetically enhanced humans, including them and the Erasers.

The first book: The Angel Experiment. 

Max is living with the five others in a place in the mountains where there are no schools, cages, or dogs.

Max and the others are picking strawberries when the Erasers (genetically mixed wolf and humans,) show up and beat the flock up and capture Angel, the youngest. 

Max encounters Ari a seven-year-old full-grown Eraser. 

They take Angel away and Max sets off towards the School with some clues Jeb Bachelor left behind. 

Jeb was the one who kidnapped the flock from Itex and then he disappeared. 

So Max, Fang, and Nudge started off to Death Valley, California, leaving a pissed off Iggy and Gazzy behind.

The some Erasers are still in town and Gazzy has the idea to make a bomb and drop it on the Eraser camp. 

Iggy, who is blind, has a specialty for making bombs.  He makes the bomb called the Big Boy.  They also trapped the road by oiling up the road on a tarp.  On the tarp they put nails so the tires popped.  Their plan worked fine until Ari showed up so they set off the bomb, destroying the house. 

Meanwhile, Max takes a detour to help a little girl out from gang-like bullies.  

Max gets the girl, whose name was Ella, to safety. Then the gang was going after Max and they shot her in the shoulder, wounding her wing.  She limps through town and finds that same girl Ella.  Ella noticed that she was shot and she takes her to her mom.  Her mom, Dr. Martinez, find out that she has wings and she takes care of Max. 

Fang and Nudge are worries beyond recognition that Max had been gone for awhile.  They stop by a rocky canyon and rest in a cave.  Then they spot the biggest bird of prey and they fly with them. 

Fang and Nudge land where Nudge thinks her mom is to only find Ari. 

They barely escaped and they go back to the cave only to find… Iggy and Gazzy. 

Dr. Martinez is treating Max and she is ready to go.  Max finds her flock in the mountains and then they go to find Angel. 

On their way to get Angel Max, Nudge, and Fang get captured by the Erasers and get brought back to the School, but not Gazzy and Iggy.  Max finds Angel and also finds Jeb, back with the School. 

The flock escapes when Iggy and Gazzy send a flock of hawks to attack the Erasers and White-Coats. 

To be continued…

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  1. are you even a real jester? skeptical smh

  2. i might actually have to read this...sounds cool -mickey