Monday, October 13, 2014

Wings Series

by Elizabeth

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she was human. When her mom said she wanted to sell the land Laurel went with her. At the land She met Tamani who was a Faerie. When Laurel met Tamani he told her what she was. Laurel went to a high school where she met David who likes her more than a friend. Then they start hanging out and studying for biology then they end up getting together. In the next book Spells Laurel goes to school in Avalon she realizes that she might go to college out there. When she comes home David is there waiting for her. One day at School David Doesn’t show up and she wonders where he is. Then all of a sudden he shows up and asks Laurel to ditch School.

The wings series By: Aprilynne Pike is a really good series if you are into fantasy and Faerie’s and trolls. If your not then I suggest that you don’t read it but I think if you like the fantasy stuff then you will like this.


  1. i'm really interested in things like that. Thanks for sharing! -Gale-

  2. Good Job, i should read this series sometime! :)