Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Princess Diaries Book 1 vs The Princess Diaries Movie

By: Dee
Ive seen the movie The Princess Diaries many times. I havent read the book until now. I know that books and movies are different, but I dont understand why they changed so many details for this movie.

Yes, there are similarities too. The main characters name, which is Mia Thermopolis (Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi), does not change. Her best friend Lilly Moscovitz stays the same. Mia lives with her single mother. Mia goes from this average teenage girl who might not be the most attractive or popular girl in her school to becoming a princess.

Despite the similarities, there are also many differences. For example, in the story, Mia lives in New York with her mother. In the film, she lives in San Francisco. Mia was 14 years old in the book. They decided Mia could be 15 and be learning how to drive. In the book, the father is the one who reaches out to Mia about how she is the heir to Genovia. The father dies in the movie. Her grandmother or grandmère, who she called grandma in the movie, was known as the Dowager Princess of Genovia. That was also disregarded, and she was known as the Queen. There are many more differences that I was confused about.

I personally enjoyed the book more than the movie for a few reasons. First, I dont love Anne Hathaway as an actress and I dont think she really portrayed Mia Thermopolis. Secondly, I dont see a reason to change the plot of a story when it was already pretty good.


  1. I love how well-written this is! NEXT POST EXITED FOR!
    (p.s. ALL OF YOU BROS WHO READ THE BOOK AND SAW THE MOVIE: you were all thinking this post. Dee just said it.